A Beautiful Cost-Effective Earth Retaining System
Verti-Block is an ideal solution for residential and commercial retaining wall projects. The unique interlocking design allows for curves and Verti-Block is perfectly sized for almost any landscaping project. Measuring in at 2’ × 4’ × 3’, it’s able to create gravity walls up to 14’ high — even higher when reinforced. And its unique hollow design makes it lighter, more affordable and easier to handle than solid blocks.
Stabilize Your Shoreline with Verti-Block
Let Verti-Block become your long-term solution to flooding and erosion problems. Contact Sidley Precast to ensure your banks stability with Verti-Block. Verti-Block utilizes an open core design allowing gravel infill within the wall, increasing drainage, and alleviating hydraulic pressure more effectively. Choose the right fit for your retaining wall need and choose Verti-Block for strength, cost effectiveness, ease of installation, design flexibility and aesthetics.
More Information
Download this introductory brochure to Verti-Block, to learn the benefits of Verti-Block’s interlocking reinforced system. Contact us for a more detailed Verti-Block Design Manual that we will mail it to you. Click here for a Case Study of how Verti-Block provided an effective solution for a riverbank project that had to handle actively flowing water and contain the river during high periods of water and ensure the bank’s stability. 
Sidley Precast Group is a local producer of Verti-Block and here to help with your next project. Contact us today on how we can help you save time and money with Verti-Block Retaining Walls.
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