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Precast Benefits

Precast concrete has many beneficial features and characteristics which make it a superior building solution for most applications. Sidley Precast Group has the experience to maximize these benefits to reach your design goals.

Design Flexibility
  – Color & texture
  – Form
  – Surface finish

Precast is one of the most flexible contemporary solutions for building today, limited only by ones imagination and creativity. Precast’s plasticity allows it to take on an abundance of curvilinear shapes that would not be possible with any other material.

Strict Quality Control
  – Plant Certification
  – Field Certification
  – Quality Control
  – Performance Criteria

PCI Plant Certification is your only practical means of confirming that a manufacturing plant has an ongoing quality assurance system in place.

All Sidley Precast facilities have passed the rigorous PCI bi-yearly 120-point audits and have been PCI certified since 1983.

  – Green Building
  – LEED
  – Sustainability

Green Building minimizes resource use, increases occupant health and productivity and lessens the building impact on the environment. Precast concrete is a natural material that can be produced to maximize the environmentally friendly attributes of Green Building. Precast utilizes natural and recycled materials such as fly ash and recycled steel reinforcement.

Natural Durability
  – Superior weathering
  – Fire resistant
  – Corrosion resistant
  – Hurricane resistant

Precast’s inherent safety characteristics make it resistant to natural and man made disasters. Precast is a natural material that will not burn. Fire containment can be designed for the structure. Precast is resistant to many natural disasters such as flooding, high winds, hurricanes and can be specially designed for earthquake prone areas.

Low Life-Cycle Costs
– Initial low cost
  – Low insurance costs
  – Low energy costs
  – Minimal maintenance

Precast has proven economy from the initial investment through the structures entire life-cycle. By utilizing Precast, operating costs can be significantly lowered due to low maintenance, reduced energy bills and lower insurance compared to other building methods.

– Fast track installation
  – Expedite tight schedule
  – Design/Build
  – Year round erection

Precast is produced under controlled factory conditions and can be erected year round. Excavation and foundation work can be completed while Precast is simultaneously produced. Faster erection means the building is enclosed quicker allowing other trades to begin sooner.